Sarchio is an Italian company that produces and sells organic and gluten-free food products.

Our strength lies in our ability to offer high quality foods made in Italy, using only organic raw materials that are grown mainly in Italy and are selected with care.
Sarchio's story began in 1982 when we launched a brand of products that were good were you, good for the environment, and tasted great. Our range of natural, traditionally-made foods was inspired by what people used to eat in the olden days, so no chemical additives, food colourings or preservatives.

Our name points to the strong bond that ties our company to the Earth: in Italian, Sarchio means “hoe” - a traditional tool that has been used by farmers for centuries.

Sarchio is still a firm advocate of this philosophy today, still making products that respect the Earth and take the consumer's health to heart, because they are pure, healthy and are ideal for anyone with food intolerances.

"Who we are now is the result of what we did yesterday, because our past and our commitment are part of the reason why our products are so good."